Commercial Tree Pruning

For commercial clients seeking professional tree care services,
Jer’s Tree Care offers a tailored approach to enhance the appearance and safety for your property.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

Jer’s Tree Care initiates the process with a meticulous initial assessment. Our trained arborists thoroughly evaluate the condition of trees or branches on your workplace property, utilizing their expertise to determine the optimal strategy for precise and effective tree pruning.


Recognizing the significance of trees in contributing to your property’s aesthetic appeal, Jer’s Tree Care devises comprehensive plans tailored to the unique needs of your business. Our planning encompasses factors such as general maintenance, deadwooding, storm prevention, aesthetics, clearance, and fruit or flower production.


Executing the art of pruning, Jer’s Tree Care employs a skillful blend of techniques to achieve your business goals. Whether it’s maintaining a polished appearance, preventing storm-related issues, or enhancing the overall aesthetics, our team customizes the pruning process to align with your corporate objectives, ensuring healthy tree growth and minimizing the risk of injury.


Jer’s Tree Care goes beyond the pruning process to prioritize a seamless aftermath for your business property. Our dedicated team meticulously handles the clean-up, leaving your premises in impeccable condition. Whether your business has a single tree or an extensive landscape, we are committed to efficiently restoring and maintaining the visual appeal of your corporate environment.

Why Choose Jer’s Tree Care for Tree Removal?


With a wealth of experience and a certified team, Jer’s Tree Care stands out for its unmatched expertise in the art of tree pruning. Our seasoned professionals ensure meticulous care and attention to detail, bringing a level of skill that sets us apart in the commercial tree care industry.

Safety First

Recognizing the paramount importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for your business property, Jer’s Tree Care offers a reliable and efficient tree removal service. Our dedicated team prioritizes safety, promptly addressing any potential risks posed by trees on your premises, ensuring the well-being of your business and its surroundings.

Minimal Disruption

At Jer’s Tree Care, we pride ourselves on thoughtful planning and precise execution to minimize disruption during tree pruning. This approach allows your daily activities to continue seamlessly while simultaneously enhancing the safety and aesthetics of your commercial property.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

Beyond providing exceptional tree care, Jer’s Tree Care is committed to eco-friendly practices, setting a new standard in responsible tree pruning. Our vision revolves around fostering a balance between human activity and nature’s well-being, exemplified through environmentally conscious disposal methods.

Customer Satisfaction

Jer’s Tree Care is unwaveringly committed to customer satisfaction. We deliver solutions that align precisely with your expectations, constantly elevating the quality and integrity of our services with each tree pruning project. Trust us to enhance your commercial property’s tree care needs while ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Customer Stories

Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

I had a fantastic experience with Jers Tree Care for the removal and stump grinding of a spruce tree on my property. The entire process was smooth and efficient from start to finish. The team was punctual, professional, and well-equipped for the job.

Justin Crew

We’ve called Jer to do several jobs for us. He was wonderful to work with, a really nice guy that explained what he would be doing, and educated us on what we needed without being pushy. He’s professional, on time and does a proper job.

S & P I.

Jerry and his crew were professional, efficient, and safe workers. They removed a mature Russian olive tree in my small backyard. They do not cut corners on anything, taking the time to ensure the job is done right and safely, and work efficiently.

Akira Ourique

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