Commercial Tree Maintenance

Invest in the well-being of your commercial property by choosing Jer’s Tree Care for professional tree maintenance services.
Beyond aesthetics, our commitment to the health of your trees ensures they thrive, contributing to a vibrant and welcoming environment.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

Our expert arborists conduct a detailed evaluation of your trees, considering their unique needs. This tailored approach allows us to create a customized plan aligned with your tree care goals.


Collaborate with us as we meticulously plan pruning techniques, identify potential hazards, and outline soil health management strategies. Your input ensures that your preferences and concerns are integral to the plan.


With a well-devised plan, our skilled team executes tree maintenance with precision, adhering to industry best practices. From delicate pruning to soil treatments, we enhance both aesthetics and long-term tree vitality.


Our thorough clean-up phase leaves your workplace pristine. Debris from maintenance activities is diligently cleared, ensuring a tidy and safe outdoor space.

Why Choose Jer’s Tree Care for Tree Removal?


Benefit from our unmatched knowledge and experience in tree maintenance. Whether it’s identifying and addressing specific issues or providing guidance on long-term tree health, our expertise is a cornerstone of the exceptional service we deliver.

Safety First

Prioritize safety with hazard checks and inspections, eliminating potential risks associated with tree health. By prioritizing safety, we not only preserve the well-being of your trees but also ensure the protection of you, your company, and your property. Our safety protocols are integral to our professional tree care services, from the initial assessment to the final execution.

Minimal Disruption

Our efficient process minimizes disruptions to your business operations. Whether it’s a routine trimming or a more extensive maintenance project, our team works diligently to keep disruptions to a minimum, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of well-maintained trees with ease.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

At Jer’s Tree Care, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond tree care. We are dedicated to contributing to a greener planet. When you choose us for your tree maintenance needs, you align yourself with a company that is not only focused on your satisfaction but also on environmental responsibility.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. Experience exceptional service, leaving your trees healthier and your workplace more vibrant. From the initial consultation to the final results, we strive to exceed your expectations. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your unique preferences and concerns are addressed, leaving you not only with beautifully maintained trees but also with a positive and satisfying experience.

Customer Stories

Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

I had a fantastic experience with Jers Tree Care for the removal and stump grinding of a spruce tree on my property. The entire process was smooth and efficient from start to finish. The team was punctual, professional, and well-equipped for the job.

Justin Crew

We’ve called Jer to do several jobs for us. He was wonderful to work with, a really nice guy that explained what he would be doing, and educated us on what we needed without being pushy. He’s professional, on time and does a proper job.

S & P I.

Jerry and his crew were professional, efficient, and safe workers. They removed a mature Russian olive tree in my small backyard. They do not cut corners on anything, taking the time to ensure the job is done right and safely, and work efficiently.

Akira Ourique

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